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Transform your game portfolio and optimise your online casino performance with one integration.

+10.000 GAMES

Why Use an Aggregator

Connect your casino to one API and unlock thousands of games and features with no minimum fees and zero technical maintenance required.
Take full advantage of aggregation volume and established partnerships to get the best prices and promotional offers all under one contract.

Industry Recognition

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Best Aggregator
Aggregator of the Year

Content That Brings and Edge to Your Brands

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+10.000 Games

A massive library of classic casino games, slots, and live games serving your players an endless stream of world-class entertainment.

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Exclusivity Within Reach

Give players what they want with exclusive content and special features only available through Spinthon and Felix Gaming

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Game Expertise

Master your current and future markets confidently with native-speaking account managers and game managers. Launch your personalised portfolio with market advise based on your tailored games list and our expertise.

Amatic to YggdrasilFind All Your Players Favourites Here

Alea Play provides a one-stop modern solution for all casinos. Go further into your markets and unlock player potential with over 100 software providers serving plus 10,000 games. Attract and retain players with the most diverse portfolio on the market from the classical slot to the newest live games conducted by classic dealers.

Our exclusive content

Full control of player experience

Keep an uninterrupted communication with your players while they play with the option of iFrame to launch all of our 10,000 games.

Players staying on your page, regadless of game launch, means your casino gets back full control of the UX and UI of a player session and wallet - enabling you to extend online chats, campaigns, free spins, and quick deposits through the entire player journey.

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Best Price and Promotions

With our aggregated volume we negotiate the best rates and promotions for you to choose.

Take full advantage of our rates and promotions provided exclusively to aggregator volumes.

This aggregator advantage gives your casino the best software prices without investing time and costs in negotiations and set up fees. Simply choose your software preferences and we'll handle the full integration from first hello to go-live. A full integration means just that- full access to all the features, content, and promotions a direct integration provides , without the costs of integrating one provider at a time.

Know More About Your Players

  1. Create stronger campaigns with a powerhouse of data fueled by a diverse range of customers and markets.
  2. Discover the dominating games of your markets and the strongest software amongst players.
  3. Instant and centralised player data helps you locate and respond to different player profiles from VIP to bonus abusers in real time across all providers.
Know More About Your Player
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Full Attributes - Zero Trimming

  1. We are here to pass you the full data of all software - zero trimming.
  2. Skip the API documentations required by each software and respond with just one integration.
  3. Save time and resources on normalisation maintainence and anticipating which attributes will be profitable.
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Data powered by Looker

A business intelligence tool that brings the power back to the casino. Save time and resources all while leading the trends of your markets with real-time data.

A 360 View on your Casino Operations

Maintain a full view of your casino's performance with the numbers that matter to you.
Deliver powerful and effective marketing campaignsbacked by real-time reports of your top performing players.Respond with zero delay to the latest market changes withcustomisable dashboards that present the top software and their most popular games in all your markets.

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Focus your IT power on the features that matter to your players

  1. Save your IT power from months of building native integrations, we'll handle boring part.
  2. Avoid highly specific and technical maintenances required by each software.
  3. Skip the hidden set-up fees and go back to investing in your team.
AleaPlay - Focus IT power

Stable and Reliable Technology

One-Stop API

It's simple - one integration gives you the engine of over 100 software, with much less time and resources involved.

A Platform built to handle the unexpected

Get the most from marketing campaigns as our platform handles unexpected peaks in player traffic and adapts to the growth of your business with no extra cost.

Zero risk of crashes and less time monitoring your platform means more time and revenue to focus on your casino's features and giving your players what they want.

AleaPlay - Stable and Reliable Technology
AleaPlay - AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Services

Move forward with confidence knowing your game portfolio rests on the most robust server park hosted by Amazon Web Services with the highest reactivity rate currently in the market providing your portfolio an uptime of 99,95%.


Give your portfolio the right support with a scalable and agile architecture.

Microservices empowers integrations to work in a flexible and agile method giving more time to development and updates, while ensuring resilience to failure.

Built with a security oriented language as Java, our one-stop solution becomes a powerful and sustainable solution fueling your casino’s potential.