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Alea Play is now live with Ruby Play | Alea

Alea Play is now live with Ruby Play

When you search for magic, immersion, and a full interactive experience, Ruby Play comes first with all sixty of its slot games - available through Alea Play and playable for free here and on Ruby Play. Casinos can expect to find their full range of games through our platform, from the most famous ones like Mayan Cache and Loco Habanero, to the latest scheduled releases like their upcoming roman gladiator game (still underwraps!) in which Ruby Play promises a full use of mobile portrait and the launch of their Cash Active brand!.

The Team

Ruby Play defines itself as a team of creative people who have worked in land-based and online spaces, both real-money gaming and social. When asked about how they arrived to online slots, they gave us a bit of background to their experience with the following words -

”We wanted to take the best of all three worlds to provide a player experience that’s as good in the math as it is in the visuals, while also providing some of the meta features that social is known for. As for why we focused on online – good question! Being online distills the game to just the game – no hype, no advertising, no bells and whistles. To stand out in a field of thousands of games competing for attention, if someone likes our games, they really like them. Plus, we can get games out to you faster!”

The Game

Having had a one to one with the company, we got down to the essence of its games and what keeps players coming back for a new round of spins. The Ruby Play team is composed of players themselves. They know that the vivid art found in Ruby Play games is what attracts players while the math is what keeps all of us there! Their most famous games do just that and with their enhanced Jackpot Mania feature, the games become a full experience for each player. What about new games? How exactly does Ruby Play continue to develop creative slots that keep players on their toes?

”We can often be found haunting various casinos, both land-based (for the free buffets) and online (for the free rounds), playing our favorites and also checking out new games. We get inspired with internal nagging questions while playing: “what if this were done that way” or “if only they did this.” That’s our own inner dialogue with our own games, too. Then if it gets loud enough, we work with our mathematicians and if we come up with a model we like, we add it to our roadmap. So the design always starts with the math, then our developers and art team create the game to support that.”

Ruby Play holds a mindset of growth and opportunity. They are proud to offer a variety of promotions and are willing to create new ones should a client wish to personalize their deal even more. As Ruby Play confirms 'We’re open to working with casinos on different types of promotions. We have a few brands that can be highlighted as categories. We realize it’s difficult to get players to notice any game, let alone ours. But we’re confident that once they start playing, they’ll want to keep playing. Just let us know, and we’d be happy to talk more!' Alea Play is happy to help clients start their talks with Ruby Play and offer a team of technical and account support to get these games in casino lobbies with zero wait.

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