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Alea Play is now live with Play Pearls | Alea

Alea Play is now live with Play Pearls

A software provider with graphic novels, collectibles, mini games, and scratch cards based on their hottest slot games? This provider - Play Pearls - has found a way to merge our most beloved gaming concepts with state of the art slot machines available in online casinos and you can now explore all these unique features in each of their 86 games through Alea Play. Play Pearls has its beginnings in a familiar setting: ”...a few guys began to work with iGaming, and as time passed, it became home for many. We desire to create games with that additional layer of entertainment.”

Their portfolio is quickly expanding with 86 games ranging in slots, instant win, video poker, and keno. The provider never stops expanding the capacity of their games as they recently informed us that they will soon release a partnership with a studio to offer table and slot games under the PlayPearls umbrella.

Though, regardless of this expansion, a reputation for Play Pearls is already well-established and thriving due to its adventure series games such as COLT PI, Space Hunters, Wild School, Star Trex, and Iron Sky - each of which have soared in popularity as they attract a fanbase of moviegoers curious to play slot adaptations of their favorite screen classics.

Alea Play not only provides this full portfolio, but also encourages and facilitates promotions between casino clients and Play Pearls. These promotions can range from campaigns on the collectable figurines to the classic bonus suite and free spins. Having had a one-to-one with Play Pearls, they provided us with some graphic novels to shine light on how they’re redefining player journey and gameification in their slots. Each graphic novel is a work of art with an immersive story line and detailed accounts of each character. Play Pearls proves through each page of the novel that they are in it for the long run with their player journeys and promotional material - leaving casinos and players immersed in a world with sensible characters and endless adventures.

Play Pearls is here to tell a story. Players are not only going to experience top-quality games. They are in for a full submersion in the game journey and its characters with a 360- interaction between the game, graphic novels, and collectables all tied to the story.

Alea Play is happy to help clients start their talks with Play Pearls and offer a team of technical and account support to get these games in casino lobbies with zero wait.

Interested in having Play Pearls on your casino homepage? Talk to our sales team now.

Alea is live with Play Pearls
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